Tuesday, August 2, 2011


In my last posting I wrote about summer being a great time to take on simple projects that can be quickly and easily packed up and taken anywhere to be worked on...the beach, vacation, your deck.  One of my fellow bloggers seems to be on the same mind-track as me, at least in regards to thinking about projects-on-the-go.  This girl is amazing and seems to write perpetually and I am in awe. Her blog is called Sew Many Ways (there is a link on the left of this page).  On Tuesdays she publishes a feature called Tool Time Tuesday in which she thinks outside the box to find new uses for everyday items.  My hat is always off to her for the way her mind works and the simplicity of the tutorials she provides.  We know how wordy I can be!

One of her recent articles features a brilliant use for the type of fill and pour paint cups that you can find at any paint or hardware store.

It makes a great portable container for toting your craft project around and the magnet can secure your needles, pins, scissors, etc.

Because it has a handle it can be hooked over the arm rest of a chair.  I love that!  Off I can go to the outside world and get to know the view from my deck.

So simple.  So Duh!  So brilliant!  Her article made me look around my house to see if I had any similar items that I could re-purpose...hmmmm.

 Click here to go to her full article called Paint Craft Bucket. 

I  thank her for allowing me to include her photos in my blog and link to her blog Sew Many Ways.  If you go to her site you will find her to be a very active blogger who is full of good ideas.

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